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The Granary Range - Now available from Flyte So Fancy

Our Granary style free range chicken houses combine exceptional functionality with visual appeal. All of our Granaries come with a set of Staddle Stones that allow you to site your hen house anywhere without the need for a concrete or paving base, they also lift the chicken house up off the ground which prolongs the life of the house, makes it easier to clean, gives your hens shelter from the rain and acts as a wonderful deterrent to rodents. Every Granary has a large access door for easy cleaning, plenty of nest box space appropriate to the size of the house, removable perches with plenty of head room above and excellent ventilation.

Our Granary Range is now available from Flyte So Fancy

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The 3ft Granary

Ideal for the smaller situation this pretty Granary is suitable for housing 4 to 8 hens depending on breed. With 2 removable perches, a double width nest box, carrying handles and a 53cm wide door for easy cleaning.

120cms x 90cms x 85cms (HWD) excluding staddles.



The 4ft Granary

If you have a little more space and have a larger collection of free range hens then this is the house for you. Suitable accommodation for 6 to 16 hens depending on breed this Granary has three adjustable height, removable perches with plenty of head room above, a triple width nest box, 18mm ply board base and a 60cm wide door for easy cleaning.

164cms x 120cms x 120cms (HWD) excluding staddles.


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The 6ft x 4ft Granary

For the serious free range chicken keeper! Suitable housing for 12 to 30 hens depending on breed, this generous Granary comes with 6 Staddle Stones, 2 double width nest boxes, two removable banks of perches with masses of head room above, 18mm ply board base, 60cm wide door and enough room to stand up inside.

178cms x 180cms x 120cms (HWD) excluding staddles.


The Bespoke 4ft Granary

This house has all the key features of our Original Granaries but with a lovely tiled roof, lead ridge and painted detailing we feel it enhances our range beautifully.




Droppings Tarpaulin  (click here to view tarpaulin)
Our Droppings Tarpaulins are custom made to fit on the floor of our Granary Range of chicken houses. 
They are manufactured from heavy duty tarpaulin that is washable, waterproof and hard wearing; they are fully hemmed and have strong eyelets in order that they can be hooked in place if required.

Lay the tarpaulin on the floor of your Granary, hook in place and pop your shavings on top. To clean out your chicken house, simply unhook the tarpaulin, pick up the four corners and take to the compost bin, brush off if needed or wash if it is really dirty, dry and replace.

When using the tarpaulin you will require less shavings although you would probably need to clean out more frequently.

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